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Cosplay, cosplay, COSPLAY~!!!

That time of the year again, and I can happily say I've decided on cosplays for AVCon and Manifest~!!!

Ryomou Shimei
Ikkitousen (school girl version)

Progress: 80% complete

Items completed/acquired:
- tartan skirt
- white shirt
- blue gloves
- boots
- socks
- mustard coloured v-neck knit vest; removed sleeves and lace
- wig
- green contacts

Still to do/acquire:
- fix up stitching on vest
- eye patch
- school girl bow
- buckles/wrist straps on gloves
- handcuffs
- chain (to extend handcuffs)

Maria+Holic (maid)

Progress: 30%

Items completed/acquired:

- wig
- black material
- drawers (ordered)
- shoes
- hazel contacts

Still to do/acquire:
- trim the fringe on the wig
- make the black dress
- white material to make apron, cuffs, headpiece
- red ribbon for apron and hair
- white buttons for cuffs
- white stockings

Waaaaaaaah.....so much still to do!!!

From then until now...

So just as always...it's been a while since I've made any attempts at posting anything.
Let's see...what are the excuses this time? I dunno. There were uni exams about month and a half ago. I might have even made some complaints about them on here if I was bored enough and wanted to procrastinate lol
Although procrastination generally involves facebook and the many applications on there these days. 

My birthday...way back on the 2nd of November came and went by in a flash. Those were happy times! Ignored the fact that exams were so close as I was too busy thinking about how I'd just aged another year without really feeling like I'd accomplished anything...I mean...I'm at the end of my 4th year and I can graduate (so long as I pass everything the final semester)...stepping out into the real world. Being an adult with responsibilities...having a steady annual income...if I get around to moving out...then I'll have to worry about paying bills, paying rent...budgeting and making sure I can actually live off of my pay...it kinda all hit me at once.

mmm..as for my birthday celebrations...went out to the Japanese restaurant called Matsuri just past Chinatown. Yummy yummy Japanese food and it was great to see people from different circles. Old highschool friends, uni friends, friends' friends, avcon folks and even my japanese teaching assistants came along. I really did have a great night til I drank too much and met a not so nice end to the evening by the street curb doing a not so decent act LOL
but what's a birthday without someone getting drunk right?! Or so I keep reminding myself. 

So after exams...focused back on saving money for my trip..which was no longer to Japan. Things didn't work out, despite the fact that I'd already paid for my ticket and all. Really sucked. Don't think I'm really properly over it just yet. That certain someone and I aren't exactly friends anymore. Especially after not evening showing up for my birthday without saying a word...AND having said that they were still coming. Pisses me off. THE END.
Or not. So yeah. Changed the trip to Hong Kong instead. Had to pay an extra $500 or so for itinery change fees and fare differences. Ouchies...considering that would've been spending money.

Split with my boyfriend...after 3 months. Not that long now that I think about it. But it was not happy times. It's good to get away now. Not having to see him is doing me good. By the time I get back...definitely ready for something new. Something fun over summer. Hell...let's get it started here while I'm away on holiday!

Quit Priceline...finally. Not that they were giving me any shifts anyway. ACC...didn't have any shifts for me after mid-December...so as I kept going out every weekend...had to keep digging into my savings which kinda hurt...but what the hell. It's my holidays so I'm not gonna let that stop me from going out and seeing my friends.Especially those who were leaving Adelaide for good.

Which brings me to now I guess...currently in Hong Kong. Been here since the 31st Dec...so had the countdown over here and was celebrating the new year 2 1/2 hours behind everyone else back home in Adelaide. hahaha~

What have I done so far? Shopped. Spent money. Eaten good food. Seen my good friends. And I believe that's not going to change until the day I leave.
Shopping so far has mostly been serious shopping. Shopping for clothes, shoes etc for work this year. Need to add to the wardrobe since I don't exactly have the biggest collection in business attire. And certainly not comfortable work shoes. Still going to hunt for a nice bag and suits...possibly more shirts too.

Picked up a couple of cheap VCDs of movies I'd been meaning to check out. Let's see:

Room 1408

Other misc pick ups: Onimusha: A new dawn, Department 1303

Dead or Alive...I didn't expect much from it. Nor was it as bad as everyone made it out to be. Sure it didn't have the best lines, or acting, or interesting storyline...but being a fan of the game...I didn't really expect much from it. And in the end...I was satisfied. It kept me entertained long enough. Poor Kasumi though...really don't like Devon Aoki and she just didn't do Kasumi justice. Where were the bouncing boobs? That's what DOA girls are famous for right? That, and the panty flashes LOL 

Bloodrayne...was kinda disappointing. Went a bit slow for my liking and didn't expect the random sex scene...but whatever...these things get thrown in all the time. Fight scenes...just weren't as intense as I was expecting. But I did like how she jumped and straddled her prey like in the game. hahaha...good times....

Onimusha...was long. It was CG and I'm a sucker for CG...a random buy cos it looked pretty haha. It did inspire me to go back and play the games sometime though. 

Room 1408. Based on the Stephen King short story. I liked it enough. Not as freaky as I thought but still intriguing. Recommend it. 

Stil haven't watched Department 1303 yet...a horror film. Asian horror freaks me out more and I don't think I wanna be watching it alone...in the apartment in the middle of the night. Especially since I can't have the volume too high so I have to sit closer to the TV and speakers to hear it...but that would just freak me out more! haha~ Silly me...loving horror but getting scared so easily!

Others I still wanna watch some time...Number 23, Nana 2 (yes...I still haven't watched it all and I want to buy the special edition so it can match my copy of Nana)

Ah~ nearly forgot. Watched most of Shrek the Third on the flight over. Really just didn't grab me...so I was kinda disappointed. Made a start on Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix too...but was kinda hard to watch on the plane. 
1. It was noisy
2. the couple next to me kept talking to me

They were a nice little couple...but they just wouldn't leave me alone. Not even when I had my headphones on and was clearly trying to watch the movies. Don't you just love little old asian couples?!

Hmmm...lastly on the music side...

Fav tracks: LOVE SCREAM PARTY and Genjou

Also loved pretty much all of Ayabie's mini album. Sleet Eve holds a special spot though. 
Brilliant Parade live DVD was awesome! I so wanna see them live too some day.

Plastic Tree's B-men Gaho:
Sonzai Riyuu and Shiroi Ashiato
Still need to finish watching their 2005 live. Was loving what I'd seen so far though. 
Ryuutarou is just as captivating and mesmerizing on stage live as he is in PVs.

Waiting on Girugamesh's still.

Looking forward to in Feb:
An Cafe's new single
Gazette's new single - Guren
Ayabie's Film Spiral (PV Collection) apparently has new versions of Cubic and Kimi no koe to yakusoku. Hopefully have Yumehito in it!!! Also includes Yubisaki.

I be off now. Maybe catch an ep of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. I do recommend that show. LOL~

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I choose you~






Alice nine - Tsubasa
Very happy with this song~ another pretty release from these guys. The princely outfits are beautiful, reminds me of the Akatsuki era which was love <3 The building collapsing effect was totally cool~

Alice nine - Ruri no ame
Other song from the maxi release...a beautiful song and very nice melody. Shou's singing is very touching to listen to. But still not liking it as much as Tsubasa. Just my own babbling about personal preferences really~

Here's the link to their PV: Ruri no Ame

Ayabie - Yubisaki
Now I can't find the link that was given for a preview to this PV...but it reminded my of Alice nine with the whole lighting effect (especially seeing it not long after Tsubasa which had all the lasers), but also Gazette's Hyena PV with all the caging and fencing...oh well...I adore the song~

So happy with all these new releases...can finally add some more to the ipod and listen to them on repeat now XD
SuG's Alterna is top of the list!!!

An Cafe - Ryuusei Rocket

Liking this more than Kakusei Heroism. Outfits are pretty...Miku's (vocalist) look reminds me of him during the Bonds era...must be the hair and head accessory. Yuuki (keyboardist) still makes me laugh when he's pointing up and looking so into the song LOL and Takuya (guitarist) is just love too. Kanon's (Bassist) pants look sooo cool...I totally want some hehe XD

And and and....bunny suits!!! Having a fluffy food fight~~~ LOL

SuG - Alterna PV

Also fell quite behind in a lot of releases of anime, drama and music. My poor poor jrock that had been neglected.
Finally got a chance to see some of the PVs that had been released in the meantime.

1st of the batch:

SuG - Alterna
Takeru (vocalist)  is just soooo pretty....even if his outfit reminds me of
Alice nine...and the eyepatch of Saga's or even more like Screw.
But I simply adore this song...and seeing them just having some fun in less make-up etc XD but of course the make-up is still much much love~
Masato is also growing on me much more (the guitarist with the biggish copper coloured hair)


Where has my time gone?!

So...it's been like a month since I've last posted....there's lots to say but I don't even remember everything that I would've wanted to write anymore.

Manifest feels like it was ages ago.

Meanwhile, there have been at least 3 birthdays that I've had to go to...savings are depleting very quickly. There was Minnie's, Chi ai's and Carrie's birthday. Each consisted pretty much of dinner of some sort and kbox afterwards. Now, I'm not much for singing...have no confidence and all, but was so much fun just to hang out with my friends, drink, play some drinking games, etc, and listen to my friends who sang very well might I add~ think I tried singing one Japanese song along the way. Glamourous Sky by Mika Nakashima (from the live-action Nana movie)...adore that song. Yuki sang it with me hehe XD so fun~

Missed out on Nat, Debbie and Pauly's big b'day thing on the weekend that just went by....was really planning on seeing them at some point but it just didn't happen by the end of the night. Where my bf and I were intially planning on going...didn't make it there either...instead, was passing kbox where he saw a friend and realised it was another one of his friend's b'days which he was meant to go to. I tagged along and we just never left those guys for the rest of the night. Even ended up getting breaky at the pancake place on hindley st...somewhere I have been to eat in a long long time LOL

Started Facebook and on there much more than myspace these days. I am both a vampire and a slayer, a ninja, have a pet white tiger called Nyappy (An Cafe fans understand LOL), and am constantly buying rounds of drinks, receiving drinks, hatching gifts, flowers, pokes, hugs, kisses, cows, sheep, chicken being thrown at me and of course getting to throw them back at ppl, tripping, them, chest bumping, high fiving, and the list is endless. The randomness of it all makes it all the more amusing.

Catching up with ppl over myspace took my hours. 5 pages worth of comments and msgs to reply to...my bad for being slack about it all.

Internet was capped...so that was a biatch to live with while trying to add all these fancy applications to facebook, upload photos etc.

Ah yes~ another thing. So I was really struggling on saving for Japan...also because I was still going out lots, but mainly because I wasn't getting any hours at work. The reason behind it was quite weak and I was quite emo about that for a while. Those I spoke to I'm sure have heard enough about that already~ sorry if I was complaining too much around you guys and gals.
So I applied for a second job at the convention centre as a food and beverage attendant. A month later~ they called me for an interview! ^O^ and now I'm in. My friend Natascha also got in which was heaps cool...except she quit after her buddy shift which was kinda sad. I felt a bit bad for not noticing how much she hadn't been enjoying that shift, but I guess I was just too preoccupied with my own buddy shift and trying not to screw things up...was so nervous.

I got to work beverages and only had to help out with clearing plates and serving desserts. Even then my arms and fingers were aching so much. My left hand and arm were trembling so much that I had to switch back to carrying 2 plates at a time instead of 3...but it was also quite difficult since the 4 tables I was responsible for were the furthest away from the servery....really made it that much worse!!!

Sat night was the evaluation shift. No buddy to help me out and I got switched to working food! My beverage partner was a cool dude who helped me out ^_^ and 2 of the 4 tables didn't even get filled up. Of the 2 that did, they were less than full....so was good. Plus my tables were the closest to the servery this time...such a relief. Was totally stressing out about the eval - not being able to handle carrying 3 plates for long etc, but that was all good. Arms were sore again cos I ended up having to clear the entire room of plates, glasses etc, but I think the arms are slowly building up more strength.

Today....they are still sore. Playing netball clearly didn't help. Nor did losing by so much either.
Enough for now....I'm sure there's still much to blab, but shall save that for another time~~

Manifest 2007

Another convention has come and gone. It went by so totally quickly...and I was even in Melbourne for longer this year...

Overall, a great weekend was had. 
Went out drinking with people every night, saw some of the convention, didn't waste too much money on cute cute (but not always necessary) merchandise...saw some cosplay (but damn me for sleeping in and being late for the Saturday comp)...met new people...took some photos of awesome cosplayers...and the list goes on.

I got to meet a few people from the Manifest forums in person~~~my jrock/vkei buddies~
Much love to them all. And we also took so purikuras together which I think turned out well...love them all...even the one where I look like I'm eating some stinky poo LOL
Each of them, kawaii, kibble, hero and xandiee are so adorable in person. I got to huggle them all hehe XD

Special mention to the bowling that was had. I WON...which is funny cos I totally suck. I can definitely say that it was not a high scoring game LOL...and for the sake of the others, they can blame thier loss on those freaking awesome ABC shots. 
We couldn't bowl straight by the end, but my god they were good~~~

Did some minor roaming by myself...and yes...got lost once. Had to break out my bloody tourist map guide thingy so I could actually find my way back to the hostel. Found a few little bargains, but was disappointed that I didn't find anything at Shibuya that I really really really wanted to buy. Oh well~

Now...as for the hostel, I did like the place itself better than last year, except for the fact that the elevator broke down over the weekend.
I have never struggled so much with stairs whilst drunk. Nor been so bruised trying to lug my freaking suitcase down the stairs. 
Not only did I strain my arm and muscles...but I also have matching bruises on my legs from where the suitcase smashed into them multiple times.

AVCon and photos~

So AVCon came and went by in a flash. Caught up with lots of people which was great~

*huggles to the Melbourne ppl and others I hadn't seen in a while*

I worked lots during that weekend but it was fun. Took some photos but not as many as I would have liked. There just didn't seem to be as many cosplayers this year...or maybe that was just me -_-

Cosplay event itself was fun to watch, even if it did take a while to get started...meh~
Managed to get it all done relatively on time even with the late start which was good work ^^

Didn't buy much this year. Not a bad thing I suppose since I am trying to save. Just bought some manga ^^
Fruits Basket 21 deserves a special mention since I thought I wasn't going to get a copy...even after Kat went to the effort to ask them to hold a copy for me...BUT...they found one and Sly was cool to hold that until I went to pick it up...so YAY~

Still can't believe it went by so quickly...and since I'm only really writing about it now...it seems ages ago already haha XD

After party was good fun. Lots of awesome shots and Yagerbombs yeh yeh~

My photos can be found here: AVCon 2007

Here's one of Natascha and I:

Maybe once my net is uncapped I'll get around to upping some of the pics other people took of me that I liked ^^

Cosplay progress: Part 2

hehe...so as the title suggests, this entry is dedicated to cosplay progress...except...it's already completed and I wore it to AVCon just fine. I'm just...late...in posting about it LOL

hehe...you can see the shirt in the back ground. They turned out well and I am happy~

Should be posting about actual AVCon and photos soon ^O^